Outreach Highlight of the Month:

On Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, CRC participated in a beach clean-up along the Placencia Beach and Placencia Caye as an initiation of #PlasticFreeJuly. Organized by Mr. Goby & Friends, beach clean-ups will be done weekly throughout July in the Placencia Peninsula as an observance of Plastic Free July, a global movement to reduce plastic pollution. Through these events, we take the opportunity to educate the youths of the community on the importance of proper waste disposal and the benefits of having a plastic-free environment. We hope to continue participating in these clean-up campaigns and help rid our beaches and oceans of plastic waste.

Project Description

“Conservation is just not about wildlife, it’s about people.”

A common quote stated by Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Marisa Tellez, working alongside communities and taking the time to educate about crocodiles is part of the core work of the CRC as the success of any conservation program parallels the involvement and support of local communities. At least once per month, the CRC engages with communities through various educational outreach opportunities to educate about crocodilians, their habitat, and other wildlife, and reciprocally, the CRC receives and learns about some wonderful historical and cultural data about communities and crocodiles!

The CRC is ready to participate at any school or community event with our educational games, and interactive activities and discussions to further our mission in educating individuals and communities about the wonderful world of crocodiles, as well as the Do’s and Don’ts living alongside crocodiles. Please contact us if you would like CRC to be at your next academic or community event, and thanks to Skype we can set foot in any classroom around the world!

CRC co-founder and Executive Director Dr. Marisa Tellez gave a virtual presentation about crocodiles in Belize, highlighting our project monitoring the American crocodile and Antillean manatee in the Placencia Lagoon utilizing drone technology via the New England Aquarium’s Facebook Page.  Through the Marine Conservation Action Fund, New England Aquarium is one of the funders for our research in the Placencia Lagoon. Check out the talk here!


Project Updates

October 2020:

During the month of September, CRC Program Coordinator worked on a Book Tour book highlighting the common wildlife of the Placencia Lagoon and creating some fun educational games. To see these games go to our Pinterest page and feel free to download here.

Educational Material

Want to learn about what crocodiles eat? What two species of crocodiles live in Belize? Can we coexist with crocodiles?

Education is a powerful tool in furthering conservation. And it is not just education about why these animals are important for the ecosystem- it’s understanding the rich cultural aspect of wildlife in communities, such as how the ancient Maya civilization believed crocodiles were the only animals that connected the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. It’s understanding that much of human-crocodile conflict is usually initiated by humans (through feeding or harassment, or encroaching on their habitat). It’s understanding that conservation of wildlife also incorporates the role of becoming proper stewards of the environment and having empathy towards all living creatures.

Enjoy the various educational tools the CRC has to offer and make sure to check in as we continue to grow our education material!

Croc Facts & Information

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More Projects

Placencia Lagoon Community Science

PLACENCIA LAGOON COMMUNITY SCIENCE Wildlife Celebrity of the Month: Manatee! For 2 weeks in August, local wildlife lover Gil Rotstein posted about manatees coming close to his deck every morning and evening on the upper part of the Placencia Peninsula. The manatees played around and stayed for about 2hrs each visit- what a wonderful wildlife…
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Placencia Peninsula Monthly Trash Clean-Up

PLACENCIA PENINSULA MONTHLY TRASH CLEAN-UP Beach Clean-Up Highlight: CRC Program Coordinator has been leading snorkeling clean-ups during August and September with some of the kids from Next Gen Croc students. The garbage collected was mostly glass bottles, bottle caps, pampers and cards. The bottle caps were collected to be given to Dangriga Cancer Society, and the rest…
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Placencia Avian Health Survey

PLACENCIA AVIAN HEALTH SURVEY Project Description In late 2015, the CRC began observing during their weekly biodiversity surveys around the Placencia Lagoon various water birds ill, dead, or having issues with flying or walking.  We then began to observe a pattern of a high rate of ill or dead birds in various locations around the…
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Wildlife Triage & Rehabilitation

WILDLIFE TRIAGE & REHABILITATION IMPORTANT WILDLIFE UPDATE: With the lack of incoming volunteers and interns assisting the CRC in our various projects, we have lost assistance and also financial support to provide us help in wildlife rescues (vehicle gas, food costs for temporary and long-term wildlife in rehab, enclosure upkeep, and other basic husbandry needs).…
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