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It’s more than just science

“Can you sign this flyer please? You are going to be famous one day and I HAVE to get your signature!” The last 2 weeks, I returned to the US for several reasons: to meet up with my boss at UCSB and discuss my progress and data, have my daughter meet the Garcia side of…

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“…to catch a fish, so juicy-sweet!”

“…So sleek, so fair! What a joy to meet! We only wish to catch a fish, So juicy-sweet!”  This is part of a song sung by the semi-loveable Gollum from Lord of the Rings as he tries to catch fish for a nice raw meal.  His excitement and hunger for that raw fish meat- oh I…

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Interweaving Motherhood and Science: The Beginning

In all honesty (and it’s ok, my husband knows this!) I never thought I was going to get married, and especially have kids!  I know some girls from a young age dream of becoming a mother and having a family, cuddling away at dolls, wanting to hold or play with every new baby that came…

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Eye opener about Ambergris Caye

This article is not to predict Doomsday- rather it’s written to alert the proper authorities that action must be taken to save the wildlife and community of Ambergris Caye.  As a community, we can make a difference and ensure the healthy lives of all who call Ambergris Caye home:

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Fishing, crabbing, croc stomach flushing… oh my!

The first night of adventures continued the next 48 hours. Monday morning we got up after a night of eye shining for crocodiles with the stomach flushing of a 6 foot female crocodile. She was a bit emaciated, and sad to say, that is something that we have been finding among Ambergris crocs for years!…

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