Beach Clean-Up Highlight: Keep yuh garbage outta dah di wata


The CRC planned a beach clean-up and invited Mr. Goby and Friends (Monique Vernon) and the local chairman, Mr. Kirwin Ramirez, to speak about plastic pollution and how it affects humans and wildlife. Ms. Monique emphasized that we can make fun and creative art out of plastic and that plastic should not be thrown into water but rather properly decomposed.

Project Description

In recent years, more scientific studies are illustrating the harm and negative impact trash has on the health of the environment, the wildlife and surrounding communities. A clean environment is beneficial to the entire ecosystem, and who doesn’t love a clean beach or community! We understand that every little bit counts and hope that our efforts inspire others the value of removing trash from the environment as well as properly disposing of trash (and now recycling!), as doing so has multiple benefits from making the community healthier, to saving wildlife that would otherwise become ill or die from these man-made items. 

CRC has been leading clean-ups with partners such as Projects Abroad, Fragments of Hope, Seine Bight Running Club, Turtle Inn and various other community members on the Placencia Peninsula since September 2016. Our efforts have inspired a new generation of youth who want a clean community, especially in Seine Bight. CRC mobilized this energy in working with the youth in Seine Bight by creating pollution awareness signs made out of recycled material that are displayed in various locations around Seine Bight.

Community or beach clean-ups happen at least 1/month.  We seek donations for gloves, trash bags, and snacks for participants (particularly the youth!). If you wish to join, we would appreciate your help, however, if donating your time is not a possibility, then we could always use trash bags, gloves, and snack donations. Follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates on the next trash clean-up!

To get involved please contact us!

Don’t live on or near the peninsula? Why not join Founding Director Dr. Marisa Tellez in her daily Good Morning Crocin’ Beach Clean-ups!  Each morning, Dr. Tellez takes 2-10min to clean up the beach, once a thriving nesting ground for crocodiles and turtles. Be a Wildlife and Environmental Champion and join the efforts of the CRC and let’s clean our beaches and communities!

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