How It Works

Although crocodiles are our focal species, the CRC recognizes successful conservation efforts cannot be executed without the knowledge of the significant abiotic and biotic interactions within crocodile habitat. Thus, our research expands beyond just crocodiles, initiating a community ecology project in the Placencia Lagoon. This project includes basic wildlife population surveys, as well as incorporates environmental parasitology in order to obtain a full spectrum of the human and environmental impact on crocodilian habitat. For more information on this project, please check out our Projects page.

To help us successfully execute the biodiversity surveys and obtain data for our long-term community ecology research, the CRC established the Community Ecology Internship (CEI) position in July 2018. This is a leadership position for young, inspiring conservationists, ecologists and biologists who are eager to get more experience while also contributing significant and relative data that will assist in local wildlife and habitat conservation and management. The CEI will be responsible for leading bird, and terrestrial wildlife surveys, in addition to collecting and analyzing parasitic data from snails. The CEI will be part of environmental parasitology projects and has the option of analyzing and publishing data in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  

The CEI position is a non-paid internship position, but selected candidates will have free accommodation during their internship in addition to all CRC related travel will be paid for. The CEI is expected to work a minimum of 30hrs/week, and uphold CRC values at all times. A report of data collected, including analysis, is expected by the end of the internship.

Deadline for CEI applications is May 15, 2020 for a start date after August 15, 2020. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will be flexible on a start date for the future CEI. For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Marisa Tellez.

Previous Community Ecology Interns:

  • 2018: Sierra McLinn, Clem Bonenfant
  • 2019: Morgan Lucot
  • 2020: Diana Zuniga