Gilly going for a night walk around the Thunderdome

Aemon shows he’s been working to be on the Good List this year for Christmas; Gilly and Sam still adjust to their new home; and Mad Max… well she’s back to her normal shenanigans!

Gilly and Sam: Despite being in their new home for the last several weeks, Gilly and Sam are still illustrating a shy and timid behavior with their CRC family. This is normal- many captive crocodiles transported to new facilities will be shy for a few weeks to months (Aemon didn’t start showing his head to us until 8 months after his relocation to his new home!). So to observe their behavior, we have put out some game cameras in their enclosures to see how they are doing… well it seems Sam has made some friends with vultures!

Sam with her new vulture friends

Mad Max: It only took a few weeks after the relocation at the end of November for Mad Max to get back to her feisty and confident self! Popping her head out of the water to wonder if we had any chicken for her, it was New Year’s Day Mad Max decided she could trust her CRC family once again and get close enough to get some chicken from us, which we took the chance to initiate her target training all over again. Check out the video below!

Maester Aemon: Aemon continues to be shy with others, not showing himself when his primary caretaker Dr. Marisa Tellez was doing some croc stuff in Jamaica for a few weeks in December. But when she came back, he seemed to be happy to see her, illustrating that he hadn’t forgotten the target and clicker training that she has been working on with him for the last year. Check out the Christmas Eve training video below- Santa definitely left some gifts for Aemon this year!

Aemon wonderfully displays what an excellent student he is of the clicker training!