Sam & Gilly strike a pose

Sam, Gilly & Mad Max
CRC has been preparing for the biggest move of this trio’s lifetime as they make a move to southern Belize and call the new CRC land and facility home. Since the beginning of October, CRC has been visiting the gang to train them to come up further on land so that they will feel more comfortable going into transport boxes currently being designed by our friends at The Belize Zoo. What has been amazing is the intelligence of these animals – they have come to recognize the 2 main CRC vehicles, getting to their target stations even prior to us parking. Additionally, as others speak Gilly and Sam will continue to swim and bask in the sun but the moment CRC co-founder Dr. Marisa Tellez speaks SPLASH!!! They are in the water and wait patiently for her.

During the last training session, we ended up having a comedy show amongst the 3 as Mad Max (the turtle) fought with both crocs at different times to get food. Sam, usually shy and who never got out of the water, sprinted out and pushed Mad Max with her foot. Sam won that round, but round 2 with Gilly ended in a win for Mad Max. Check out the hilarious videos on YouTube:

And did you noticed above that we described Sam as “she?” That’s because we found out the real gender of each croc! We were originally told the female was the larger croc but we got confirmed information by the caretaker’s son that he saw the smaller one on a nest… and the original owner confirmed! So not to cause confusion Sam will remain Sam, and Gilly will remain Gilly… just like how Mad Max is now short for Mad Maxine!

Given the new enclosures on the land and CRC being busy with Gilly, Sam and Mad Max’s move, Aemon has not been receiving the usual attention he normally gets. However, it seems this alone time has given him the space he needs to reflect and build confidence- his target training sessions have drastically improved and he is now leaving water completely behind, finding the courage to come on land and not splashing back into the water (unless we are videotaping…seems we’ve got a croc who likes to ham it up for the camera!). Usually, he’s calm and collective and listening better to commands. He is now acting more like a Maester from the Citadel.