This month’s Latest Shush, Jabba is waiting to move to his new home, Aemon gets caught on camera, Sam illustrates he is a picky eater, and Gilly and Mad Max get face-to-face over food!

Due to weather and other minor obstacles, there has been a delay to get Jabba to his new home at the CRC land and facility as the enclosures are now to be built in the upcoming last 2 weeks of August. We are all starting to lose our patience as the excitement of him moving to his new home and furthering his training with the CRC to be an educator is becoming overwhelming! Despite the lack of patience, his training is doing well, and of course the excitement has not affected his appetite at all!

Maester Aemon:
Aemon is such a shy crocodile and we rarely see him unless it is during target training. So what does Aemon do all day and night? We decided to put a camera trap in Aemon’s enclosure to get a sneaky view of Aemon’s behavior (and also for our students from LOOP Abroad can learn what it is like to analyze camera trap data). Well, Aemon is definitely an introvert and doesn’t like going out much. He tends to come out in the morning to bask, but other than that he tends to stay in his fav spot of his pond enclosure. We will putting out the game camera again as one of our big questions is, “Does Aemon hunt any of the fish in the pond? Does he try to predate on the many birds and lizards that come to the pond edge?” Maybe soon we will find out!

Aemon taking an early sunbath

Gilly, Sam, and Mad Max:
Despite Sam not having teeth, and likely has a hard time to hunt on his own, he sure does not show any sign of thanks when we come along to feed him. On our last visit we cut up some fresh snapper into small pieces, easy enough for Sam to manipulate and swallow. He just kept spitting the pieces out. And then we realized why…. the Maya Beach Bistro donated a HUGE bag of old duck meat to us and it seems Sam sniffed out the meat and was saving his appetite for the good stuff. Now we know he has an expensive taste!

Mad Max as always is illustrating size does not matter! Unfortunately we did not get it on video, and the pictures do not do justice, but here is latest comedy of Mad Max and Gilly… The moment Gilly’s training started, Mad Max rose out of the water and started charging forward full steam ahead for Gilly’s food. Gilly got it and swam back into the water to manipulate the food in which Mad Max begins nipping at the food that is in Gilly’s mouth, even putting her head into Gilly’s mouth to get food!!! We thought it was the end, but it almost seemed Gilly knew what Mad Max was doing and kept slowly swimming away. On the next target call, Gilly came up and Mad Max rushed up again (we tried giving Mad Max her own food but she would NOT
take it!). Gilly pushed Mad Max back with her left front foot and ‘FLIP!’ Mad Max goes rolling back into the water, and flipped over. We rushed to her but kind of gave us this look like “I don’t need your help!” and flipped herself back over. Mad Max kept disrupting Gilly’s training and finally after trying to give Mad Max her own food, she finally took a piece of fish, and swam into her realm. The comedy between these two is too much and they could easily have their own show!

Interestingly enough, when Mad Max doesn’t show up for a training, Gilly is a wonderful, patient student. It is only when Mad Max is around that she tends not to listen well and rushes commands. Who would have known the pressure a Mesoamerican Slider could put on a 9ft Morelet’s croc!

Sam and Gilly