In this month of A Load of Croc…

My experience at Wildtracks!

Darcy with Nugget, one of the rehab manatees at Wildtracks

By Program Coordinator Darcy Uclez

The bus drive was long but worthy when we got to Wildtracks, I met Zoe and Paul Walker and then I was introduced to the other volunteers and the baby calf and other manatees.  Volunteering there helped me in gaining knowledge about manatee rehabilitation; these mammals are very sensitive, I spend morning and night shifts sitting in a pool with the baby calf for 1 hour and then feeding the other manatees: Callie, Sandy and Hope and I even got to swim with Nugget, who is not quite big enough to join the others. The place is peaceful and so full of nature. With this said, slow down on the lagoon and remember these manatees’ life matters!

Say No to Plastic with the Next Gen Croc in Seine Bight!

The Next Gen Croc kids from Seine Bight had a blast learning about plastic and how long it takes for it to decompose, Dr. Marisa Tellez was our guest speaker, discussing how to reduce plastic consumption.  With the help of Placencia’s artists Omar Sierra and Anton Leslie, the kids painted two shipping barrels that will be used for garbage bins in the community and we ended the event with a school clean-up. Looking forward to next month, stay tuned with the CRC page.

#plasticfreejuly with the CRC during the month of July!

During the month of July, part of the CRC team joined various beach/snorkeling clean-ups. The ocean needs our help and most of the garbage picked up was plastic, even a fish was stuck in a plastic cap.  This plastic comes from different homes here in Belize, boats and plastic that’s being washed in from other areas. Our Program Coordinator has participated with Splash Dive Shop in their weekly beach/snorkeling clean- up project, the goal is to get the community involved so feel free to join us and come “sho yur luv fo di sea and di green”

Wildlife Rescue of the Month!

Erica feeding the parrot

The call came in at 5pmish… someone found a juvenile Red-lored parrot walking along a busy part of Placencia. Luckily, Next Gen Croc student Erica rushed to the rescue and cared for the juvenile parrot for the next 18hrs. The next day Erica and the CRC team cared for the parrot until transport to Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) after picking up a juvenile Common Black Hawk who was found with clipped wings and hopping along the southern highway. Likely someone decided they wanted a pet raptor and this little guy fortunately got away! We are happy to say both birds are doing great at BBR!