How’s Jabba? Is Aemon getting more confident? Is the turtle known as Mad Max still bullying Sam and Gilly? The CRC gets asked all time how our Croc Ambassador’s are doing so we figure we could provide the latest shush (creole for latest gossip) on the crocs monthly:

Maester Aemon

Aemon: Building confidence with his primary caretaker CRC Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Marisa Tellez, Aemon still doesn’t like a crowd. However, through intensive target training and creating an environment that makes Aemon feel safe, Aemon is now coming onto land completely through commands, and staying in place. This allows Dr. Tellez, along with the command “smile,” to get a quick glance of Aemon and check for any injuries, etc. Despite the robust immune system of a croc, certain stressors of captivity can enhance their susceptibility to diseases that they normally can fight off, thus our program of daily check-ups.

Jabba: He’s lost the Hutt weight, but not that Hutt attitude! Jabba has been doing great with commands Land, Come, Target and Water. He’s super fast and seems to really enjoy “ambushing prey” aka, the fish reward during his training. Jabba will soon be moving from his new location to the CRC Land thanks to donations from a private donor, the South Florida AAZK, The European Nature Trust and Lister Charitable Trust, Jabba along with Gilly and Sam will be calling the CRC Wildlife Sanctuary home soon (we are in the beginning process of making the land an official Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize).

Sam & Gilly (and Mad Max): Despite not seeing Mad Max during the last training session, Gilly did an amazing job with her last training session and as a bystander said “She’s so gentle.” And Sam was more bold than ever, coming right up to the CRC crew to get some food. Both have lost A LOT of weight since first coming under our care over a year ago, and are ready to head to their new home. However, it is possible Gilly has nested so the trio won’t be moved to the CRC Wildlife Sanctuary until late-September to early October.

So we end this latest shush with a video of the infamous Turtle Mad Max: