Unlike poor Axel who seems to be caught in a cold and dreary November rain, our November was full of excitement and action (as usual!).  The month started off with Co-Founders Dr. Marisa Tellez and Karl Kohlman hosting their 1st International CRC Fundraiser at Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, CA.  Supporters from all around southern California came to show their support for croc conservation and our community educational programs, bidding on items donated by the Santa Barbara Zoo, St. Augustine Alligator Farm, and the Long Beach Aquarium just to name a few!  People even donated to our current Adopt-A-Croc program, assisting us with building enclosures for our current crocs Luke (a confiscated American crocodile yearling) and Rick (an illegally owned Morelet’s croc who is under care and observation given his signs of poor husbandry and neglect from the owner). Both crocs are both currently in the process of rehab to be re-released.  The CRC would like to give a big thank you for all of those who came and supported our fundraiser, as well as those who couldn’t come yet still donated to our cause.  Also a huge shout-out to the Angel City Brewery for being so accommodating and donating drinks to the 1st 50 people.  And how can we not say thank you to Andrea “Dree” Garcia who organized the whole event for us, acting as our CRC US Representative.  She did a fabulous job organizing venue, prizes, etc.  Thank you so much again Dree for your dedication to the CRC helping us spread the word of croc conservation!

Cayo Students showing off their cool croc posters!

November almost felt like an extension of CROCtober given the amount of outreach we did this month across Cayo, Belize and Stann Creek Districts.  Our Research Coordinator Bets headed to Cayo for a radio interview discussing wildlife and crocodiles. He, and later joined by Dana our CRC Cayo Education Rep, held 13 individual presentations to classes at schools in the surrounding area! The CRC also participated in University of Belize’s Day of Science. The event had booths from stakeholders and university clubs that demonstrated ways in which science is used in the work place. The CRC engaged high school and university students to learn about the science behind crocodile and wildlife conservation, and they got to hear about our past

Past UB Intern Veronica discussing with students about her research experience with the CRC

UB intern Veronica talk about her research experience with the CRC, as well as her epiphany in realizing how amazing crocs are and that they are NOT the man-eating vicious animals the media sometimes illustrates them as. It was great to reach over a 1000 community members (mostly students) across these districts in Belize, further debunking any myths about crocodiles and increase awareness about positive interactions between people and crocodiles. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s educational outreach events, spreading the word of how Crocs Rock!!!


With all the positive excitement about crocs this past November, our hearts did sink when we received a message about a small croc being confiscated by a Good Samiritan. Tyrion (named after Tyrion Lannister from the TV show #GameOfThrones#GoT) is a 2 ft Morelet’s crocodile who was being handled roughly and was brought into a bar late one night. A customer at the bar saw the bad shape Tyrion was in, and acquired Tyrion from the person who had him and the kind owners at the bar kept him safe until we were called to pick him up. He is in rough shape with injuries to his head, jaw, neck, and his skin is peeling on his tail but we are hopeful he will make a full recovery pending medical treatment at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic. Thank you to Mr. Israel and La Campito bar in Silk Grass for your help in rescuing Tyrion- you are true Wildlife Champions and great role models in your community illustrating the importance in protecting our wildlife in Belize, because….