Croctober has been quite the event for crocodile awareness (check out the Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) Facebook page and check out all the daily crocodile facts!), and fundraising.  In this month of October, CRC has had representatives at two major events raising funds for crocodile conservation.  


Rachel Clulee represented the CRC at the UKCrocFest and European Crocodile Networking Meeting. Here is her account:                                                                              “On 15th October 2016, I represented the Crocodile Research Coalition CRC at the first EU CrocFest at Europe’s only Crocodile Zoo – Crocodiles of the World Conservation and Education Centre in the UK. Entertainment was provided by an amazing band called The Standard; whilst we all attempted the Crocodile rodeo which I came 3rd with 70 seconds! 
Later we finished with an auction, many items were brought in including crocodile drawings by a Scottish tattooist, London Zoo visits, a chameleon skeleton, crocodile tooth and crocodile egg shell! I proudly got one of the posters from Florida with all the crocodile species in the world  We raised a over £2000 in the auction, which goes to Project Mecistops in Western Africa. A total of 54 participants from 10 different countries came along to network and present their research and experiences with crocodiles. 
A truly amazing weekend and already cannot wait for the next EU CrocFest!”


Danni Brianne represented the CRC at the Wildlife Discovery Center’s Croctober Fest (the original!):                                                                                                                                                              Representing the Crocodile Research Coalition at CROCtober Fest was an amazing opportunity! The event was hosted on October 23, 2016 by the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, Illinois. Rob Carmichael Proceeds from the event benefitted both the Crocodile Research Coalition and the AZA Crocodile Advisory Group! CROCtober Fest had a wonderful turnout of around 500 people! The day started out with perfect weather and even better people followed by an exciting amount of crocodilians, herps, and even some birds of prey! Special guests included Bill Stewart from the Madison Area Herpetological Society, Friends of Scales, Bubba the alligator and Jim Nesci! Croctober fest proved to be a day of fun with educational interactions, artistic (temporary) tattoos, cupcakes for crocodiles from the wonderful Kendall, and festive blues music! The CRC table was looking sharp with a huge gator skull, a beautiful spectacled caiman, and information on the CRC internships! Thank you so much to curator/founder of the Wildlife Discovery Center and crocodile conservationist, Rob Carmichael for hosting such a wonderful event benefiting crocodiles! I can’t wait for the next CROCtober Fest!”

Thank you to everyone who celebrated the month of Croctober, and who especially donated to the cause of fundraising (within the last 8 weeks, CrocFests or fundraisers have raised over $20,000US!  Crocodile awareness and fundraising is spreading internationally, and events are getting bigger every year!  Next year, the CRC is teaming up with The Belize Zoo to create Croctober activities all over Belize.  Stay tuned because next year’s Croctober is going to be a crocin’ good time!