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Archive for October 2016

Keep Calm and Fundraise On… Croc style!

Croctober has been quite the event for crocodile awareness (check out the Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) Facebook page and check out all the daily crocodile facts!), and fundraising.  In this month of October, CRC has had representatives at two major events raising funds for crocodile conservation.   Rachel Clulee represented the CRC at the UKCrocFest…

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The Boy Who Called “Croc”

Imagine sitting on your porch in Belize enjoying a nice whiskey at sunset, your eyes wondering over the lagoons surface.  You notice a log slowly passing by… the log stops, yet the current of the water continues.  Interesting???  You get your binoculars… that’s not a log, that’s a crocodile!  At this point, various emotions may…

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Next Gen Croc: Fostering the Next Generation of Crocodylian Biologists

It’s October, and various croc and wildlife institutions around the world are celebrating the month of Croctober! October has become an unofficial month of crocodile awareness internationally; many zoos and sanctuaries focus their educational and fundraising efforts with Croctober Fest to raise money for crocodile research and conservation. The CRC is joining the campaign and…

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