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Last weekend Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC)’s affiliate Miriam Boucher represented at the Canada CrocFest.  Here is a tidbit of her experience.  Thanks again Miriam, and looking forward to your research publications (hint, hint from one of your advisors to put some fire under your arse on working on that data and writing which is oh so fun!  ;D  ).

“Last Saturday I had the immense pleasure to represent the CRC at the huge Canadian Pet Expo and Canada Croc-Fest in support of Morelet’s crocodile research by the CRC in Belize. Upon arrival at the pet expo I thrilled to see the huge array or reptile and herp enthusiasts from local shelters to top breeders. My first stop was the Collective Conservation booth that provided not only material on crocodilian conservation but also live crocodilians from the Reptilia Reptile Zoo being excellent advocates for their species’. It was fantastic to see how many people stopped by to donate to Collective Conservation and get their hands on our favorite reptiles. Once the Expo was over for the day it was on to the raved about Croc Fest. Shawn Heflick MC. Extraordinaire and the Collective Conservation crew had the venue set up in a local hotel and drew a crowd of die-hard conservationist and animal lover. Auction items included a Nile crocodile skull, photographs and paintings, passes to Reptilia, and an authentic crocodile experience in Belize provided by the CRC. As a warm up for the auction Hands on Exotics graced the event with appearance from their Eurasian Eagle Owl, Hyacinth macaw, and free roaming kangaroo! The spectacled caiman, alligator and pod of dwarf caiman from the Reptilia squad also joined the event. Bidding started off big from the beginning with the Canadian contingent getting into the spirit of crocodilian conservation. Shawn continued to auction items off at break-neck speed with awesome sponsor from the Expo throwing in extra item from their own stock. The night rounded off as the Belize trip was auctioned along with the much coveted, second-annual, Belize hardwood sculpture. It was a fantastic win for crocodile research only made possible by the awesome attendees, fantastic sponsor Zilla, Collective Conservation Crew, Reptilian and the “illustrious” Shawn Heflick. Over $5,000 dollars was raised which will go directly to a countrywide population survey of Morelets crocodiles in Belize. Thank you all and see you next year!!!”

— Miriam Boucher

Learn more about Miriam’s project and support her research through the CRC website: