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The weekend of Sept 10th is Canada CrocFest in conjunction with the Reptile Expo.  Last year Canada CrocFest raised $6500US for the Crocodile Research Coalition, for their research of the un-studied Morelet’s crocodile population in Chiquibul Forest.  In addition, our research included training rangers of the Friends for Conservation Development and initiating an annual crocodile management program.  

This year, Shawn Heflick is supporting the CRC again and raising funds for our efforts to perform the much needed nationwide Morelet’s crocodile population survey.  With the information gathered, we anticipate we can assist the government in creating a crocodile management program, which will also mitigate human-crocodile conflict.  

So please come out and show your support if you are in the area!  If not, head to the CRC website to donate to our conservation and research efforts!