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Archive for April 2016

Chronicles of Chiquibul Forest Part Deux

Posted in: Uncategorized. 1 Comment Morning wake-up call: the scarlet macaws are chattering as the sun rises.  The FCD rangers have an early morning as they will be hiking more than half the day to survey this area of Chiquibul.  As the day passes in camp, I arrange the gear for tonight’s second nocturnal survey downstream.…

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The Chronicles of Chiquibul, Part I

Chiquibul Forest… the largest protected area in Belize.  A pristine forest harboring many of Belize’s majestic creatures such as Scarlet Macaws, Tapir, Kinkajous, Jaguars, and my favorite- Morelet’s Crocodile.  About 20 years ago, a survey of Morelet’s was conducted on the Macal River, but since then, the demographics, size, and stability of this crocodile species has…

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