SNL_0808_Coffee_Talk_ESTIt’s been one hell of a research day!  Instead of taking the Coastal Water Taxi, Miriam and I decided to golf cart to the most northern location site for my study on the east side of Ambergris Caye.  We’ve done this route before, and is probably one of our favorite research sites- full of various raptors, fox, rare birds, and of course, crocs!  And actually some claim this area has some of the biggest crocs on the island- needless to say it’s an amazing spot, particularly for us wildlife enthusiasts!


Mud Max, Fury Road

We always have stories from studying at this northern research site (where do I even begin?!?).  And as we crossed the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge back into San Pedro town, we saw a familiar face- Damian.  He is one of the traffic officers at the bridge, and has become quite a good acquaitance of mine over the last several months.  Full of smiles, we always say hi, and as long as DCIM100GOPROthere are not a lot of golf carts behind us, we catch up on life, and chat.  Today, he noticed our golf cart was quite dirty and wondered what kind of “trouble” we got into.  We happily told him the story of how Miriam and I got the golf cart stuck in knee deep mud and spent 90 minutes problem solving and finally pushing the golf cart out!!!  (With the amount of mud we went through, this day will forever be called Mud Max, Fury Road!).  I’m pretty sure our stories from the field provide some amusement for Damian.

IMG_2179Thank you Damian for you kindness and constant smiles the last several months!  You always made me and my team feel welcome, and provided us with some laughter after a long day in the field.  I always enjoyed stopping at the bridge and having our brief “coffee talk.”  And yes, I’ll make sure I’ll let my daughter know about the nice man at the bridge 🙂