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Archive for July 2015

Croc Adventures with Shawn Heflick

About a month or so ago, I decided I should start winding down with my field research around the 3rd week of July (last week) given I would be 9 months pregnant and past the 37 week mark- aka, the baby could be popping out any day now!  As the majority of my life, adventures and…

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An Ode to Helen Sung

During my doctoral program, I mentored and gave many undergrads the chance to get lab or field experience.  My advisor called them “The Army.”  At one time, I had about 23 undergrads in my army, assisting and learning how to dissect alligator organs to examine them for parasites, then how to preserve and identify them so…

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Research with the “Dr. of the Flats”

There have been many people or organizations whom have assisted me in my research in Belize since 2008. And it’s always been fun meeting locals who notice that I’m not some ordinary “Gringo” (here in Belize I’m considered and called a Gringo since I am an American)- I guess my clipboard and binoculars give it…

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