bonjovi1We’re half way there, and I guess you can say each day I’m living on a prayer.  In about 20 weeks some living creature will pop out of me.  I’m thankful this all happened after grad school, but then again, it is not like life is sooo much slower.  Who ever said life after grad school was easier was a liar, or an idiot, or both.  I was officially unemployed for 3 months prior to my postdoc starting, yet I found myself prepping up chapters for publication, finishing up side studies, etc.  Yes, of course I enjoyed some of the freedom, the life after graduate school, but definitely not to the fullest as I wanted to finish up as much as possible prior to the postdoc.  Each day I prayed/set up an attention to finish a certain task by the end of the day, week or Just-work-till-midnight-you-need-to-relax-toomonth.  And that worked.  Now months later I am seeing how much research I actually had my hands into, and now I’m praying that I can finish as much as possible of old studies (whether it is finishing up identifying parasites or finishing up writing manuscripts, etc) prior to heading in Belize in 3 weeks, praying that these next 3 weeks of parasite field collecting training at UCSB go smoothly, and praying for the little parasite/Baby Lagarto brewing in my belly that she is growing into a healthy baby girl.

So much going on at 20 weeks (We’re half way there!!!!!) and a common pregnancy symptom hits, known as “prego brain” – where you forget or space out about common things in life.  “Where did I put my keys?” “I forgot why I came into this room…”  “I was telling a story and forgot where I was going…”  It’s because if you are not fully engaged or not doing something extremely important, you are thinking about your baby!  And for a scientist, not having full concentration is frustrating.  But luckily, it seems anything that is related to my work, I am extremely on point… thus far.  However, I’ve seemed to day dream a bit more and am not so much of a machine as I use to be….Seriously, in and in my opinion, knowing that prego brain is creeping around the corner as scientist (and now having to sleep 8-9hrs/night) are the worst pregnancy symptoms so far!