Walking DeadWeek 15 of pregnancy has been a weird case of nausea.  Not horrible, and not as nearly as bad as it could have been, but creeping up at the most unfortunate times and just being a pain in my arse!  Eating certain types of food were semi-grossing me out again, and causing nausea, like the time I ate salad while watching The Walking Dead.  I guess for some reason eating salad reminded me of the zombies eating people’s intestines.  I seriously gag now if I am eating, snacking, etc., watching The Walking Dead, which sucks. Eating food before, during or after seeing or doing something “gross” has never been an issue for me- I use to eat huge meals right after dissecting alligators and looking through poop for parasites!

And this week was a bad week for nausea- last Sunday I traveled to Los Angeles/Santa Barbara roadrageto head to UCSB to meet up with my boss and talk about my postdoc research.  Of course an onset of nausea begin right as I boarded the plane back to SoCal.  After eating a can of Pringles to help with the nausea (and once you pop, you really can’t stop… especially if you are pregnant), I was set.  I survived the flight, but then I realized- a bed was in no near sight as I had to survive through LAX, and yes, even LA traffic to get to my parent’s house.  Oh- the people honking, and shouting, and bumper-to-bumper traffic at 9pm at night made me not miss LA one bit! And heading to Santa Barbara the next morning and heading out at 6:30am yet still arriving in Santa Barbara late because of LA traffic… I think the road rage and stress of driving would probably heighten my pregnancy symptoms if I still lived in this concrete jungle.  And as I started understanding the angry and irritable feelings, and nausea again, most pregnancy women say they feel, it came to an end as I ended up in Paradise- SANTA BARBARA!

Santa-BarbaraUCSB, also known as the Gauchos, is my alma mater- and I love that I’m back as a postdoctoral regauchosearcher. Granted I’m not going to be heading into IV (Isla Vista) and partying on DP (Del Playa – although I’d love to see how my old place, the Tiki House is looking now). The weather, the ambience, and a view of the ocean from my office- I was in heaven.  After days of talking parasites and Belize, and soaking some sun and warm weather, I kind of forgot I was pregnant. I was so relaxed- now I know why doctors say relaxation and a stress free environment is so important for pregnancy. I swear being stress just heightens the symptoms! Of course I still had the nights of Baby Lagarto “building her croc park”, aka cramps, but nothing horrible.

So although the last couple of days included a small dose of nausea again as I boarded a plane back to Seattle, and a bit of headaches and nausea plaguing me on Valentine’s Day, I just thinkbeer belly of a nice, warm, sunny day working on the beach… and everything seems to be alright and I can continue life as normal… except for the fact the bigger bump surrounding my belly is starting to get in the way a bit, but honestly, it just looks like I’ve had too many beers on too many continuous weekends in IV.