amazon-rainforestThe clearing of forests, poaching, animal cruelty, continual environmental pollution… It would seem us humans have forgotten our relationship entirely with nature. Some where in our past, many of the various cultures decided we were above nature, and that the flora and fauna would be bountiful until the last living days of our planet Earth. The doctrine of manifest destiny seems to envelop the world- that it is our right and duty to plunder and pillage all the “treasures” of the world because we have faith that these “treasures” will continually be replenished. Alas, we no longer live in a world where the human population is low in numbers. Nature is being attacked by an overpopulation of humans who care more about fast cars, fancy jewelry, fake boobs, etc., and less about the pollution they are dumping in the air, water and soil, and the hungry family down the street. “Hmm, do I buy another $1000 Gucci purse, or do I give some money to the Red Cross so they can help clean the polluted water system in a village in Africa that will end up preventing deadly illnesses??? I think I’ll by the Gucci purse so I can get people’s attention and feel special for 15 seconds.” Our society has lost all connection with each other and nature, and in my opinion, if we don’t snap out of our greediness and villain-like behavior, Mother Nature is going to put up a fight in which us humans Killer Whale podwill surely lose- very badly!!!

How do we even begin bridging this gap between man and nature? One, be positive. There is no more time to give up, and education and scientific research will be the primary tools to make people aware of the downward  slope human civilization is taking, and what needs to begin the healing process.  This is the time in which those of us that are Nature’s advocates, warriors, and martyrs need to be our strongest in courage, education, open-mindedness and most of all positive. The battle in front of us is full of obstacles and we can only bridge the gap between human and nature if we continue to believe that we can one day live in harmony with the world around us. Yes, too much of the worlds’ population has fallen into the Pit of Greed and Insincerity, but through the proper mindset, educational tools, and sincerity for all living organisms, I do believe that one day us humans will no longer be the parasites we have become, but rather be the proper stewards of the earth- what Oranguntan familywe were always intended to be.

So what would nature tell us right now?  Check these videos and find out!