P1060992The last 42 hours has been very successful in catching our sample quota at the different locations on the island. Even though we still have another 24 hours of sampling and collecting, I can go ahead and say this is one of the most fun, successful research trips I have ever been on. Miriam, Helen, Peter and I have such a great work and friend dynamic, that the early mornings, lack of sleep, and late nights is not even a problem. We keep everything up beat, make sure everyone is performing their research tasks, with some laughter and and singing in between.

Today was absolutely amazing! We planned for an all day trip out in the field in a northern lagoon on P1070125Ambergris Caye. Thinking it was going to take at least 6 hours to catch 20 fish, it ended up taking us 2 hours to catch 25 fish!!!! It was amazing! Helen and I, the least experienced fisherman, lost count how much we catched. There was some mangrove climbing for fun, and mangrove climbing to unhook a fishing line that was thrown in the wrong place, and ended our day with a dip into the ocean. ¬†Hoping that we find lots of parasites in these fish just to help nudge my theory a bit more. Tonight we head to San Mateo, where “rumor” has it that it is the most polluted area on the island. Other researchers have performed water tests, and what they have been finding is from a horror film. If their results were found in a town in the US, hazmat would come in- yes it’s that bad! We caught some fish and crab in that area last night, but we are heading back tonight to try to catch at least 10 more specimens. I’m interested what we are going to find…


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