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National Lampoon’s Crocodile Research Vacation

After a week of croc activities- catching crocs, collecting data, stomach flushing, etc., the heavens somewhat aligned for a day of pleasure.  Cherie from ACES had asked me to come back to Ambergris Caye for the day as a Mexican television show from the Travel channel was going to be filming ACES, and she wanted me to be part of it because of my background with ACES, and because I would be able to translate anything if needed.  I realized this would be a fun opportunity, and at the same time give the rest of the croc team a day of rest.  With our adrenaline going and with all the work that goes into catching and stomach flushing, it was well deserved.

So off to AmbergriIMG_0762s for the day and definitely things happen for a reason!!!!  As my croc students and I headed up to Pedro’s Inn to check inn I started to see familiar faces…. it was friends I had met from North Carolina Wilmington last year and they were back!!!  They have been coming to Ambergris Caye for several years now through the education program at Wilmington.  On the island, the assist teachers at the various schools of all ages, interchanging knowledge and skills- its a great program.  Anyways- I found out one of them has a connection to one of the jobs I’m applying to in North Carolina!  It was great to get that connection, and I swear I’ve been receiving soooo many signs that this job will be mine!!!  Maybe this time next year I’ll be living on a beach in North Carolina…

Anyways, in the evening I headed off to the ACES CSI tour with the Mexican film crew.  It was great to share knowledge, and also see ACES in action.  There croc eyeshine tours are really great, and Cherie, Vince, and Chris are really great about making the tour exciting and educational.  This was also a proud moment for myself as I am shy with my Spanish, especially on camera, but I conversed with the host and even helped him translate words from English to Spanish- it was awesome!  Overall, a very successful moment for everyone!!!!  Especially ACES!!!!!

After the tour, I headed back to Pedro’s Inn to meet up with my North Carolina friends and see how my croc IMG_0770undergrads were doing.  They definitely were using this night to go all out as we were not going to get another night of fun during this trip.  Beer pong, card games, and karaoke were all part of the night.  All I know is that we should leave singing to the professionals, and just keep to our crocs and parasites.    There was a point where I lost my students, but then just had to hear their voices- out by the pool throwing people in the water, and then randomly dancing in the middle of the bar.  You would think they have been trapped in a room for years!

All I know is that the next morning that we were leaving the owner of Pedro’s told us that the hostel and bar were going to have some peace and quiet now.  Apparently chaos breaks out when we are in town.  It’s nice to have lasting impressions.


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