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Archive for May 2013

From the jungles of Sri Lanka to the concrete jungle of LA

Its kind of weird not to have internet for almost a week straight now, thus why my adventures in Sri Lanka were not documented.  But, its kind of a nice “vacation” from the internet and cell phone connection- it’s liberating!!! I literally just got back to Los Angeles.  I’m not sad- I’m excited.  Another step…

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Crocodile Rock, Sri Lanka style

The first day of the CSG meeting was successful!  How did the events go… Morning: – Opening ceremonies where the Governor of the Central Province came in support of crocodile conservation in Sri Lanka – Speaking with governor of daughter as she is a parasite-croc lover as well.  Hell yeah! – Sit through talks of…

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“Where is Sri Lanka?”  That’s what I asked the young boy who was representing his country at the Presidential Classroom International Summit in 1998 in Washington, D.C.  He was a delegate, like me, who was representing his region of the world in a mini, teenage version of the United Nations.  He told me about the…

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Beam me up Scotty!

It’s moments like this I would really love for the technology of teleportation.  After an 11hr flight to Tokyo, then a 6hr flight to Malaysia, I now have a 19hr layover in Kuala Lumpur. Then I can finally get to my destination – Sri Lanka!  It’s that time again for another IUCN/Crocodile Specialist Group’s 22nd…

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