rooster2013- another year of grad school, and crossing fingers I have only 18 months left where I can walk on the stage in glee as I get my PhD diploma, and after a night of drinking of happiness, come to the reality that I finally have to move on with my life and experience the “real world.”  Of course this makes me nervous, stress, and succumb to all bad, yet comforting, habits as drinking or eating 3 Sprinkle cupcakes.  So, for fun, I looked at my Chinese horoscope.  According to the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a cock… a rooster… a chicken (I prefer cock- it grabs people’s attention).  So, I looked at to asses what I should expect of 2013, in a graduate perspective of course. Quotations are graduate interpretation of 2013 fortune:

Career: In Chinese astrology, Snake contains Fire, Metal and Earth. Fire of Snake is related to career to Chicken people. “Ingenius graduate student terms, this means to the slavery of ones lab.”  Earth of Snake is related to someone providing assistance to Chicken people. “aka, your advisor telling you your ideas are idiotic.”  Metal of Snake can help Chicken people to build more power. “An experiment works- I’m not an idiot!”  Fire of Snake can bring the career opportunity to Chicken people in 2003. “You may publish a paper, or network a job when you graduate- its a big IF.”  Because of Fire, Chicken people will encounter some pressure from the job position. “You will be living in your lab as a result of ridiculous deadlines given to you by your doctoral committee.  I hope you have a nice desk or coach in the office to sleep on.”   They will have more job responsibilities and might have to work extra hours. “You are sleeping in your lab.”  This is a good sign for Chicken people to develop a bright career future. “You will be known as a scientists that has sold his or her soul to academia.”  No matter what complicate, strenuous or tedious assignment is, Chicken people can easily handle this challenge because the support of the boss and coworkers. “Getting together with graduate students at a bar during happy hour will help ease the pain.”  The relationship between Chicken and Snake is favorite to Metal Chicken. That implies Chicken is full of confidence in 2013. “You may have a second of being worthy of a PhD, and actually contributing to the field of science.”

vegasMoney:Chicken should have very good income from their career. Chicken should have good people relationship in 2013.  It’s a good time to have a money plan for the future, because money luck won’t come like this every year.  “Who are we kidding- money as a graduate student?  Maybe it will be a year where you will get some grants, but don’t think its enough to blow at a casino or strip club in Vegas.  No matter what you will still be staying at the Motel 6 or Hooters Casino off the strip, going to the penny slot machines and pretending to gamble all night to get the free drinks.”

Love: Chicken people should have good love relationship in 2012. The social and love relationship of Chicken continue goodnerds in 2013. If you missed love opportunity last year, then you must didn’t try hard enough and should continue to try in 2013.  If you are in love, then you probably don’t want to wake up in the sweet dream.   “If you are a lucky graduate student, you are dating someone who gives you a reality check of the outside world.  Other than that, maybe you realize there is a world of dating and socializing outside the lab.”

Health: There is an Unlucky Star coming to Chicken people in health area during 2013. That is a sign of danger, accident and injury. ” Pay attention what you do in lab as not to blow anything up!”  Chicken people are not only watching for their own health, but also the members of their family, especially the elders.  Chicken people should pay extra attention on the food they eat and the places they go.” Don’t eat in lab as you may end up inhaling part of your experiment.  For me, that means possibly eating gator parasites or poo, and that’s just gross.”  It’s a good idea that Chicken people don’t participate in dangerous sports, like mountain climbing, car racing, diving, ski, swimming in 2013. They always need to measure the safety to reduce the chance of injuries.  “Shit, does this mean I shouldn’t go and catch crocs or gators this year?  Well F’ that shit!”

Florida Gator capture