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Archive for June 2012

Back to Reality

The last 30 something hours have been quite entertaining in Vietnam.  First, I joined my friend Jess and her second gradeclass on a trip to Die Nam Zoo.  I rode separately from my friend Jess, as some kids wanted to sit with her, and some wanted to sit with me to ask me “animal” questions.  I was more…

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Tonight’s Menu: Goat Penis and testicles

   If you throw around the words “cheap or free food” around a graduate student, I can guarantee their reaction will be the same.  Their eyes will light up and their attention will be immediately captured, and next thing you know they will be around the food like a float of Nile Crocodiles around recently killed…

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Good Morning Vietnam!!!!

After collecting my Vietnam Visa in the Philippines, I jumped on a plane to Saigon to visit a friend and give a “croc talk” to the school she works at.  There was no hesitation in my introduction to Vietnam.  Dropped off my luggage at my friend’s place, then hopped on the back of a scooter…

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