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Off to Chi-town and Deep Dish Pizza!

This past Saturday I returned from my mini-road trip from Dallas to pick up alligator specimens and parasites from last year harvest’s.  But instead of getting nice and cozy in my home, I started prepping for my trip to Chicago in a couple of days.  And the days have creeped up and now I”m in the hustle and bustle of LAX to get on a plane to Chi-town.  So what’s taking me to Chicago????  I’ve been asked to give a presentation on my research by the Chicago Herpetological Society.  I’m very grateful and very excited to give a presentation on my research to this group of reptile lovers, and hopefully inspire them to love crocodilians as much as I do, as well as give them a lasting impression on how cool parasites are!  All I know is the first thing I want when I get into Chicago is a nice slice of Deep Dish Pizza…and take a stroll down Navy Pier!

If you are in the Chicago area, you can check out the Chicago Herpetological Society on their website:

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