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Archive for March 2012

How to Handle Crocs and Gators through Capoeira

“Concerning Lachesis and Capoeira”… my attention was immediately grabbed by an article in the Chicago Herpetological Society’s Bulletin that was comparing the handling of Lachesis muta (also known as the Bushmaster or Surucucu, the name given by the Tupi-Guarani natives of Brasil… it’s a venomous snake!) to the art of Capoeira (another passion of mine).  …

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Off to Chi-town and Deep Dish Pizza!

This past Saturday I returned from my mini-road trip from Dallas to pick up alligator specimens and parasites from last year harvest’s.  But instead of getting nice and cozy in my home, I started prepping for my trip to Chicago in a couple of days.  And the days have creeped up and now I”m in…

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Road Trip Day 1: Flashback behind Bars

Alarm went off at 6:30am- I took a deep breath and mentally prepared myself for the 10 hour haul to Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I figure it wouldn’t be too bad as my brother and I would switch every couple of hours of driving.  And I was pretty excited with the “research vehicle” we got…

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Another version of National Lampoon’s Road Trip???

So what brings me to the land of steak, the Dallas Cowboys, steak, the Rangers, and yes…more steak?  I’ve traveled from the bright lights of Tinseltown to the land of Chuck Norris to pick up the last bit of alligator samples from my 2011 field season.  Why are they in Texas you may be wondering?…

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