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Archive for February 2012

A mix of Crocs and heritage

A BIG THANK YOU to Julie Platner for her wonderful work on my research and heritage.  I am very grateful for such an opportunity.  Too bad this happened right after my wrist surgery that I couldn’t show more gator wrangling action… maybe another time. Here is the link to the small documentary!

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Crocodiles vs Carnival- which is crazier?

Every time I tell people the animal I research, I always get a look of “Are you crazy?”  Part of me thinks yes, as the majority of society wouldn’t dare do what I or other crocodilian researchers do.  It is hard to describe the love and passion sometimes I have for my research and crocodiles.…

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“She’s crowning!!!”

Getting pushed out of my comfort zone, and what I see at the other end of this dark tunnel is light… I could almost here a whisper of someone saying “she’s crowning!!!”  No, I’m not talking about my birth, and no I’m not talking about giving birth.  The only way to describe one of my…

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