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Archive for December 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Due to travel and the holidays, the blog is taking a vacation (laziness as a grad student has kicked in) , but will be revamped and up and running after the New Year… until then Happy Holidays, feliz ano novo, prospero ano y felicidad!!!!!!!

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Its bigger than a Black Friday Rush!!!

Just a couple more days to help fund science research through the Sci-Fund Challenge!!!!  There are sooo many fantastic research projects going on:  a lot with conservation value, medical application, and of course- enlightening the human race with new knowledge.  So don’t wait- give a dollar to science! With government funding dwindling due to the…

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Eye of the Jaguar

My adrenaline has been on a all time high!  The media attention that has surrounded my project the last month has been nothing but positive but nerve wrecking at the same time!  “What if I say Ass-cream instead of ice cream (this truly happened to a TV anchor- you tube it!), or say “cock” instead…

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