Vegas- the adult sinful version of Disneyland.  This place has been the second home of my family for a couple of generations.  I believe “Stardust” was one of my first words, and I actually do remember driving into Vegas as a little kid getting super excited yelling out “Sttaarrrdduuussstttt!!!!”  The Vegas I knew then is nothing how it is now.  Back then I went to Circus Circus.  Now I find myself drinking at Carnival having a good time with one of the bartenders there named Flippy, or hanging out at Harrah’s Piano Bar (the best one in Vegas in my opinion!), living it “in the high life” (as much as a graduate student can) at MGM Signature.

So what am I doing in Vegas???  It’s not because of a bachlorette party or somebody’s birthday… its for a science conference- a paleontology conference to be exact. And what am I doing here- more like moral support for my friends, especially one from the East Coast who has never been to Vegas.  Although this isn’t the usual crowd I hang out with, I had a wonderful time making new friends and networking amongst these scientists.  I talked about the amazing world of parasites, and they taught me about little rhino creatures from thousands of years ago.  I also met the two paleontologists in which Jurassic Park was made after- awesome!

Of course, the night had to end with me and a whiskey talking to some croc people- I of course had to find “my kind.”  Croc people are a unique bunch- all crazy, unique, and wild- just like a crocodile.  Maybe that’s why I love them soo much!