This past week us Americans gave thanks- thanks to our families, friends, co-workers, etc.  Yes, I am absolutely grateful for everyone that has come into my life, but I’m also grateful for science and you should too!  Just think about it, without science, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!  Without science, there would be no vaccination for polio, no discovery of penicillin, no ventures into space, no flying to grandma’s house for the holidays, no excitement when you turn 16 to start driving a car,  no amazing Jedi Knight fights, no way to blackmail your friends with pictures from Vegas, etc, etc, etc.  If you can’t get the underlying of all this- our modern lifestyle is a result of science!  Without science, maybe we would still be living in the dark ages.  

Maybe its because I am in the scientific world now, but I’m starting to realize how much of a blow science is getting from the general public.  I believe both scientists and the general public are too blame.  Scientists don’t make it an effort to explain to the community what they are doing and how it can benefit ALL life on earth.  The general public don’t seem to care to find out the TRUTH behind scientific research- sometimes it may be easier to listen to “celebrity big wigs” or someone’s opinions about certain projects than actually researching the truth for themselves.  

For those following my blog, you may noticed I’ve been pitching my research project that is part of a campaign right now on Rockethub (  There are many other scientific projects through the SciFund Challenge right now that are trying to make a difference in the world  (  Some are looking to fight a cure for cancer, others looking at venom toxin for medical purposes, others purely for wildlife conservation.  However, world-changing goals of these scientists get ignored for one reason or another.  We unfortunately live in a world where a science experiment doesn’t seem to matter unless it benefits humanity.  But guess what everyone… ALL SCIENCE BENEFITS HUMANITY whether it be directly or indirectly.  Thus- all these projects are worth doing and donation worthy.  At first glance, someone may not understand why a scientist is researching, let’s say alligator parasites (if you don’t realize it, I’m talking about me now).  Why is this girl going to the swamps to look at alligator poo?  Well many reasons (in brief):

1)  Looking at how parasites in THE top predator change over time – this could indicate a disturbance in an area, aka, could also be or soon negatively effecting local human populations

2)  Comparing parasites in different populations and recording them gives us a better understanding of biodiversity of an area.  Also, helps us humans to understand about zoonoses, and protect economy based on wildlife (eco-tourism, hunting, food, clothing, etc)

3)  Investigating the strongest immune system in the world’s reaction to parasites might give us clues to fight off human parasitic diseases- the number one killer of humans internationally.

Yes, I’m doing my research for the love of crocs and I want to be an active part of their conservation, but I’m also doing it to benefit mankind.  My point is that we have to support science if we are going to make the world a better place.  Us scientists need to get together and make science sexy and appealing for everyone.  The more support, the more funding, the more we can do science, and the more we can truly make the world a better place.  So, I will now leave you with one nerdy note- a science rap to pump us all up!!!!

Science is a method to test and analyze

Science looks for answers when you hypothesize
Science is experiments to make discoveries

Science is a process that leads to a good theory

Science is geology, ecology, biology
Science is zoology, astronomy and chemistry
Science is anatomy, cosmology, technology
Observing, collecting, measuring

Science is a method to find what may be true
But science re-evaluates when it learns something new

Science is in medicine it’s benefiting everyone
Science is the physics, mathematics, electronics
Observing, collecting, measuring

Give me that a data, give me data, give me that a data
Give me that a data, give me data, give me that a data
Science Is.